New discoveries regularly transform our understanding of compounds and drugs mechanisms of action and target disease pathways. Staying abreast of this shifting data is a huge challenge for biologists charged with identifying new therapeutic applications. Despite best efforts, lack of clinical efficacy is one of main reasons drugs fail at trial. Large pharmaceuticals, such as AstraZeneca and Pfizer, have called for a better understanding of drug mechanisms of action in order to improve success rates. Dimensions Life Sciences and Chemistry (Dimensions L&C) can help with this.

Reduce research time, return accurate results and improve understanding

The Dimensions L&C database has access to 125M+ publications and 144M+ patents , along with 400K+ clinical trials — all numbers which continue to grow provide more data than any other provider. 

The system also employs powerful semantic, co-occurrence analysis and chemical compound search, quickly returning accurate results that offer in-depth insight, no matter how diverse or complex the query. This saves biologists time, equips them with a deeper level of understanding and allows for the informed decision-making needed to reduce preclinical efficacy failure.

Watch our video to see how you can easily research compounds and drug mechanisms of action.

Using Chemistry Search to quickly identify and explore existing patents, clinical trials and more

This functionality offers the ability to search for exact, similar or substructure compounds and their related scientific documents. By entering the name, SMILES or International Chemical Identifier (InChIKey), or by submitting an image of the structure, scientists can search through a registry that contains more than 150 million compounds. Results, returned in a matter of seconds, organize matching compounds into a table that lists their structures, names, molecular weight and formula, as well as providing links to any external sources.

By choosing which compounds in the list are of interest, the system will return more relevant information on publications, patents, clinical trials and grants. This can be expanded into a brief overview of the abstract, description, claims or methods. Users can also follow the link to the original study, patent or trial. At any stage, documents of interest can be bookmarked, ranked or added to a collection.

Combining chemistry search with Semantic and Co-occurrence analysis

While Chemistry Search helps to identify exact structures, similar compounds, or compounds with a substructure of interest, Semantic Search helps scientists analyze chosen documents for concepts such as diseases, genes and proteins, drugs and chemical compounds. With a system that includes 40 million concepts, including 850K genes and proteins with 6M synonyms, and 30K diseases with 217K synonyms, new areas of interest can be quickly identified and explored. 

Ultimately, Dimensions L&C empowers biologists to quickly identify relevant data surrounding compounds and drug mechanisms, find new connections and confidently identify the best targets and therapeutic applications.

To learn more about how Dimensions L&C could streamline research technique and help with target discovery, request a consultation today.