“With Dimensions, I don’t waste my time clicking through and switching between databases to find the answers to my questions.”

Aidan Morrison, Emerald Publishing

Identifying reviewers, growing markets & Open Access trends

Helen Beddow, Publisher

Helen uses Dimensions daily in two different ways. Through the Reviewer Finder Tool, Helen can quickly identify and invite new reviewers and points out how “being able to invite people to review a new book directly from the Dimensions system is fantastic. It is much quicker than other databases I previously used like Scopus or Web of Science.”

Additionally, Helen uses Dimensions to analyse the performance of a specific research topic within its field and in the market as a whole. “As a Publisher,” she notes, “this helps me to quickly identify research growth areas and understand how Open Access content is developing within the social sciences.” Helen adds “I also like to track the funding happening with a specific topic.” This kind of information feeds directly into Helen’s publishing strategy by helping her to identify gaps in the market and where she needs to focus her efforts.

Aidan Morrison, Publisher

Aidan is a fan of the analytical power delivered through Dimensions and notes how “it is essential for my work that I have all the information in one single database. With Dimensions, I don’t waste my time clicking through and switching between databases to find the answers to my questions.” In his role, Aidan regularly uses the Fields of Research filter in Dimensions to identify topics or articles which are gaining traction fast.

He shares: “The Fields of Research filter is a great classification tool that other databases don’t use.” To understand more about whether his journal content resonates with a broader audience, Aidan often deep dives into funding and policy documents to see where and how his journal content is having an impact, noting “I love that I can access funding and policy information within Dimensions. It isn’t available in other databases, but this information is critical to understand the wider use of published research in context.

Deep diving to feed Open Access strategy

Mike Burrows, Open Research Team

Mike is primarily involved in market research and analytics for the Open Access team at Emerald Publishing. Mike shares “Dimensions helps me every day to understand Open Access publishing trends. Drilling down deep into the data helps me to establish our overall Open Access strategy for Emerald Publishing.”

Mike explains how using Dimensions helps the team to quickly understand which regions have Open Access mandates or which institutes have funding for Open Access articles and are therefore more interested in Open Access publishing. He adds: “This research helps to feed our strategy in securing Open Access publishing agreements or inviting new content from authors in these areas or at these institutes.”

Benchmarking analysis & bibliometrics research

Naseem Yar, Market Insight Analyst

Naseem is a Dimensions superuser within Emerald Publishing. She regularly uses the Dimensions platform to perform key market benchmarking analyses and bibliometrics research which then feed into critical strategies across the company. “Whether I am looking at Open Access trends across publishers, Sustainable Development Goals or publisher contributions to policy documents, I turn to Dimensions to help me answer my questions,” Naseem shares.

“The combination of Altmetrics and Dimensions data is incredibly powerful in supporting our strategy of looking at how research is making an impact outside of academia.”

The secret to onboarding success at Emerald: product champions

Following some in-depth Dimensions onboarding training sessions, Emerald Publishing:

  • Appointed internal product champions in every key department that would be using the Dimensions database
  • These champions helped to support the broader use of Dimensions across the company
  • This strategy has been critical to ensuring everyone has access to and can understand the many different ways Dimensions can benefit them in their roles

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