The need to find key opinion leaders (KOLs) is key to every medical affairs department. From providing internal guidance to presenting clinical trial information at a conference, the right KOLs are essential for a drug’s success. Healthcare professionals and buyers such as insurance companies demand evidence and recommendations from experts for support around certain treatments.

Dimensions is a powerful research platform that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to link millions of data points across publications and other scientific information, allowing medical affairs teams to find the best KOLs for therapy areas and around specific medications. With just one search, users can discover a broad range of rich information, including full-text indexed publications, clinical trial data, funding sources, patents and even the social media impact generated by individual experts. 

 We know searching for KOLs is both a frequent and important activity, and as a result we developed a new Dimensions tool that made that search a lot easier. It features a simple and intuitive user interface that accesses all of the data Dimensions has to offer.

As shown above, there are just two fields used to conduct a search. The ‘area of interest’ field highlighted in red prompts users to select a Therapy area, and to the right the Inclusion criteria drop-down can be set to be broad or narrow. Choosing a broad search executes a full-text search, while a narrow search limits the results to identifying relevant information in titles and abstracts. 

The search results can then be filtered and sorted according to a number of different attributes.

When KOL candidates are identified, in-depth expert profiles present a timeline (extract shown below) with links to a range of rich information, including:

  • Publication overview
  • Field of research
  • Concepts
  • Experience
  • Network

The key benefits of KOL timelines are two-fold. Firstly, medical affairs teams can see whether experts have been associated with a therapy or medication for a long while and have developed significant expertise, or if they are potentially a new rising star in their area. Secondly, the ability to spot rising stars offers significant strategic value in medical affairs, as KOLs can be recruited based on emerging data to provide a medical affairs team with a competitive advantage.

In addition, these profiles also link to Altmetric data, enabling users to understand the online reach and impact generated from experts’ publications.

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* Please note: Unlike the full Dimensions application, the data available in the tool is not updated daily and is only based on a sample of our data related to subtypes of breast cancer.

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