The peer review process plays a vital role in helping funders and editors of scholarly publications come to critical decisions. The NIH alone receives over 50,000 grant applications per year, and the number of research articles submitted to scholarly journals continues to grow, making the task ever more time consuming.

Leveraging millions of researcher profiles with publications and awarded grants, Dimensions makes it easy to find the right reviewers for grant applications and identify experts – including rising stars, panelists, and potential editors and collaborators. Here are some of the most valuable ways we can help:

How to locate your perfect reviewer

When you submit a title and abstract of a grant application into the Reviewer Finder tool, you’ll receive a data-driven, curated list of potential candidates identified as top experts to approach. A “match score” listed against each individual gives an idea of how well their expertise aligns with the application. 

Avoid time wastage with precision filtering 

Identifying conflicts of interest and ascertaining the reviewer’s relevancy are important parts of narrowing down a search. Using the Reviewer Finder to filter by geographic region, publication or award date range, and beyond will help you choose the best candidates for your needs. 

Build a committee 

Seamlessly switch between our Reviewer Finder and Committee Builder tools to save candidates in one place, cluster similar grants together or reviewers suitable for multiple applications, and easily see which grant applications are still in need of a reviewer. 

Perform an overlap check

The Overlap Check feature of the Reviewer Finder uses the abstract of an application to identify similar publications and grants. You can use this to compare applications with other global research activity for novelty and duplication, and identify other funders, research organizations, and researchers active in this topic. 

Assign existing reviewers 

If you need support with assigning reviewers, you can share your list of existing candidates and applications with us. We can then match those candidates with your grant applications and provide you with a complete matrix of candidate relevancy scores.  We have the experience and expertise to assist with any workflows or volume of applications that your organization may be dealing with.

Talk to us to learn more

To find out how Dimensions can help you to identify reviewers and experts, contact us and we’ll be in touch soon.