As new research continually evolves, Life Science Vendors are placed in a challenging position. To improve chances of commercial success, they have to correctly predict which areas of interest to focus on, approach relevant researchers and decide on the pharmaceuticals, research tools and reagents that might be required. Using traditional search methods alone, this becomes a difficult and time-consuming practice.

Dimensions technology has revolutionized the search process. Life Science Vendors can quickly identify:

  • Which grants worldwide have recently been awarded and to whom
  • How these were funded
  • Developments occurring in both emerging and established areas of interest.

The platform offers essential insights that save time and improve results. Vendors are not only kept informed of the changing landscape; with Dimensions, they stay one step ahead. 

Dimensions grant search functionality – a distinct knowledge advantage

Dimensions is a powerful research discovery tool which leverages the world’s largest linked research information dataset. It covers more than 120 million scientific publications, as well as patents and clinical trial documents, and includes access to information on six million grants worth more than $2.3 trillion USD, from 637 funders worldwide. 

The platform is simple to use, you can quickly return accurate results about grants and researchers from different sources across the research ecosystem. New sources are added on a regular basis and the dataset is constantly being updated, so results are always current.

What’s more, with the ability to filter returned information and follow new potential paths of discovery, users can enjoy an inclusive approach to research whilst remaining confident that nothing critical gets missed.

2-minute video demonstrating how to quickly explore global grant data to find business opportunities.

Discover market opportunities 

For Life Science Vendors, one of the potential benefits lies in Dimensions search functionality. Instead of relying on manual curation and traditional searches to index documents and extract key information, Dimensions can search by full text indexed publications to discover equipment, consumables and reagents that are typically not mentioned in titles or abstracts giving you greater accuracy in your searches to deliver a more precise picture of market opportunity and targets. 

Gain a competitive advantage 

The Dimensions grants search functionality offers a distinct competitive advantage, providing vendors with critical insights into the discovery phase. 

Users can filter results based on when grants were awarded, where in the world funds were and are currently being spent, which universities, individuals or bodies have been successful in grant applications and if there is a correlation between any of these factors. They can then follow the links to find out more detail. 

Speed up researcher profiling

Within the database there are 7.5 million links organizations, 9 million researchers and 6 million links to grants. 

Building a complete picture of a researcher, identifying their expertise and focus of research, vendors can make evidence-based decisions on how to move forward, targeting researchers with the support they need, approaching institutions that have the funds to spend on awarding grants and spotting gaps in the market that could become potential opportunities. 

2-minute video demonstrating how to explore individual researcher profiles.

Dimensions offer further support for vendors that have recognised the strategic benefits that grants searching offers. Tailored dashboards remove the need to re-enter search information, directing users to relevant insights specific to their area of interest as soon as that data becomes available.

 It is the fastest, most efficient way to uncover rich, contextual information, offering an automated and integrated approach to data that gives you the edge in today’s competitive market.

Companies such as ADInstruments, have used this advanced search approach for prospecting and market mapping, providing a level of insight that has enhanced their decision-making and helped inform commercial strategy.

“We released a new product recently and have been doing extensive market mapping with Dimensions, to see where it sits, as well as looking at trends in grant applications and publications, not to mention prospecting.” Phil Griffiths, Research Sales Manager for Europe, ADInstruments

Learn more about ADInstruments’ use of Dimensions market mapping capabilities. To take advantage of the enormous potential yourself, get in touch.

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