API documentation


Training series ‘Advanced Analytics with Dimensions’

In our regular training calls we help our users to get the most out of the Dimensions API and Dimensions on Google BigQuery. All past sessions are available for you to watch on YouTube. Enjoy! Watch now…

Google Sheets Plug-in

Get the Google Sheets API Connector from the G Suite Marketplace.

Accessing Dimensions data using Google Sheets

This video shows you how to access Dimensions data using Google sheets, using the Dimensions API Google Sheets Add-on.

An Introduction to the Dimensions API

In this video we'll explain what the Dimensions API's are, and why they can be useful to answer your Research Analytics questions.

API documentation

This documentation contains high-level information about the project and its development, as well as the language’s features and usage.

Dimensions API Labs – code examples

This page contains Jupyter notebooks to show how to carry out common scholarly data analytics tasks using the Dimensions Analytics API.

API on Github

Learn about the Dimensions Analytics API via code examples and Jupyter notebooks.

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