Bibliometric mapping in Dimensions with VOSviewer Online

Visualize networks instantly without leaving the app

VOSviewer Online in Dimensions

We have worked closely with CWTS to integrate a web-based version of the VOSviewer — VOSviewer Online — into Dimensions, so users can instantly visualize bibliometric networks without leaving the application.

How does it work?

With VOSviewer Online in Dimensions, users can perform two types of analyses—co-authorship analysis and citation analysis—and generate visualizations directly within the application.

These analyses are available in the Researchers Analytical View for publications in all versions of Dimensions.

In Dimensions Analytics and analytics-level custom instances there are expanded views:

  • Research organizations: Co-authorship & citation analysis
  • Source titles: Citation analysis
  • Countries: Co-authorship & citation analysis

With Dimensions, instantly identifying key patterns in bibliometric data has never been easier. 

To see the full range of bilbiometric views available, get in touch and one of our experts would be happy to show you around.