Dimensions L&C, a new product in the Digital Science portfolio, applies the latest semantic analysis tools and ontologies on over 120 million scientific publications, as well as millions of patents, grants and clinical trial documents, to create a unique tool for scientists that offers powerful discovery functionality on a new scale. It enables a large variety of possible applications and use cases across life sciences and chemistry, from pharma drug development to materials chemistry.

In this webinar we will learn how Dimensions L&C can support your disease research and drug R&D. We will see how a combination of semantic analysis and chemistry search can support you with:

  • Disease mechanisms understanding and drug target identification
  • Discovery of chemical compounds that are known to modulate activity of a target of interest
  • Identification of similar chemical compounds and their biological activities/ therapeutic applications
  • Foreseeing the direction of disease research – which genes and proteins, biological processes, compounds, drugs etc may appear in future publications and patents for a disease of your interest?