For a long time, assigning merit to scientific research has been guided by journal publication. But using ‘journal prestige’, as Janne Seppänen calls it, means some science gets undue merit just by being associated with spurious extreme outliers, while some science lacks recognition it deserves just because it ended up in poor company.

Janne, from the Open Science Centre, University of Jyväskylä is not alone in noticing this. 21,829 individuals and organizations in 158 countries have now signed DORA, a Declaration On Research Assessment, pledging to improve how the output of scientific research is evaluated. 

During this webinar, Janne talks about how using the powerful API and search language from Dimensions, he has developed the Co-Citation Percentile Rank (CPR) and its freely available online demonstration JYUcite, to compare the citation rate of any article that has a DOI and is indexed, to the actual citation rates of articles that are co-cited along with that article. 

Janne also presented on ‘OSCandidates’, an internal headhunting tool used at the University of Jyväskylä to discover scientists whose interests and career stages are well-matched to open research positions at the university. Janne developed this tool using Dimensions data. 

This was an exciting session all about the incredible power of Dimensions data and what it can mean for those working in Universities around the world. 

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