Dimensions provides a comprehensive view of the research and innovation landscape. Updated daily, it currently contains 112m linked publications with 1.3bn citations, 5.5m grants worth $1.7 trillion in research funding, 41m patents, 600k clinical trials, over 120m Altmetric data points and, critically, links between all these inputs and outputs to research.

All stakeholders in the research and innovation community need better tools to make better, evidence-based decisions. To meet that need, data needs to be diverse, complete, built for analytics and easy to include in your data environment.

The Dimensions team is excited to announce that Dimensions data are now available on Google BigQuery, Google Cloud’s secure, scalable multi-cloud data warehouse environment.

Join our webinar to learn more about this exciting new initiative, which will empower you and your staff with unprecedented flexibility to analyze our data fast and at scale; combine our data with other proprietary and public data sources; and build custom dashboards and reports.