Dimensions is a next-generation linked research information system that brings together over 150 million publications, grants, policy documents, datasets and patents, enabling users to explore over 5 billion connections between them. Dimensions can provide your business with extensive access to data and a networked view of the information landscape to monitor, evaluate, and inform your business decisions every day.

Please join our webinar to learn how Dimensions data can be used to enhance your literature gap analysis. Dimensions is particularly suitable for performing literature gap analyses on a large scale, combining standard abstract searches with high precision full text queries and subsequent aggregation. This allows creating heat-maps on numbers of publications for combinations of terms, e.g., drugs versus adverse events, with the option to directly view the set of publications for a particular combination. Such an approach takes minutes to run, and can be repeated to track changes over time.

In our webinar, we will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) with natural language processing (NLP) and automatic data aggregation can be used to streamline literature gap analyses and enhance strategic focus. In addition, we will show you how AI-assisted searches can enable rapid insights and analytics from the expanding publication landscape.