Find key opinion leaders, publications providing higher evidence levels, and perform competitive benchmarking:
In this webinar will demonstrate how Dimensions is supporting three of the most relevant use cases for medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

While many researchers rely on a combination of and pubmed as a major source of scientific information, Dimensions users benefit from the most comprehensive dataset out there, including 40% more clinical trials, 115 million scientific publications (with 70% indexed as full text), and patents.

The linking of all these data enables you to view the items returned in context, gain new insights from complex analytics, and trace the relationships between your results. Dimensions is trusted by top Pharma companies, and can put you ahead of the competition by allowing you to find more relevant Key Opinion Leaders faster and more easily. It also enables you to pull data-driven competitive insights from our robust, cleansed, and connected datasets.

Join our webinar, in which Dr. Peter Dörr, VP Industrial Solutions, will explain what Dimensions is and how it can help you to:

  • find publications citing phase 3 or 4 clinical trials
  • quickly and efficiently identify KOL’s within our intuitive dashboard
  • perform a competitive analysis about your top drugs