In this tutorial we will show how to create a simple COVID-19 dashboard using Dimensions on Google BigQuery. At the end of the tutorial you will know more about the Dimensions data available via BigQuery, how it is structured, how to access it using a visualization tool and how to query it using BigQuery SQL language. The tutorial will leverage freely available resources online and does not require a Dimensions subscription. In particular, we will be making use of the following resources:

  • The COVID-19 dataset from Dimensions, which is a full-featured segment of Dimensions on BigQuery focusing on COVID-19 documents. This dataset can be accessed free of charge.
  • Google Data Studio, a free dashboarding tool from Google that we will use in order to access the data and build a dashboard (note: the same steps can be reused with any other business intelligence / visualization tools e.g Tableau or Qlik).

See also: the live COVID-19 dashboard we recently created.