Research security is under increased scrutiny by governments and funders across the world. In the US, we see provisions for research security in the Chips and Science Act of 2022, the proposed NSPM-33 program requirements, DoD’s Countering Unwanted Foreign Influence memo, and now the NSF’s “Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide”. Non-compliance can mean fines, penalties, reputational damage, individual faculty liability, and the potential loss of stakeholder trust and funding.

In this webinar, we’re joined by John Talerico, Director of Export and Secure Research Compliance at Virginia Tech. He shares what he recommends you keep in mind for research security at your institution, regardless if you are planning to set up a formal program. This includes identifying the challenges you’ll face, recognizing what’s at stake, and coming up with a playbook that is going to make sense for your institution. 

You also get a special look at Dimensions Research Security, built on over 5 years of experience working with research security professionals. See how Dimensions can integrate seamlessly into research security workflows, and get examples of how institutions can make the most of the world’s largest linked global research information database. 

We cover how to quickly and efficiently conduct critical tasks for assessing risk: 

  • Understand the scope of your institution’s international collaborations across publications, funding, clinical trials, and IP
  • Identify potential risks,  prioritize research security resources, and outreach
  • Verify disclosures and discover other affiliations used by your researchers
  • Conduct thorough due diligence checks on potential PIs and collaborators

John Talerico serves as the Director of Export and Secure Research Compliance and Facility Security Officer for Virginia Tech.  John has approximately 15 years of experience in export control compliance at Virginia Tech, previously serving as a Program Manager in the office prior to being named Director in 2019.  John is responsible for the leadership and management of the administrative unit charged with university wide compliance with export control, sanctions, research security, and industrial security laws and regulations, which involves developing and maintaining policies and procedures, training programs, and compliance plans as required.  Prior to 2009, John spent 3 years as a Licensing Associate for Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. charged with protecting, marketing, licensing, and working with outside entities to commercialize technologies developed at Virginia Tech.  John is a 2006 graduate of the Virginia Tech MBA program and holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Ben McLeish is Product Solutions Team Lead at Digital Science, where he has worked since 2014. His time is divided between the Altmetric service and Dimensions Analytics where he specializes in research impact, research integrity and trusted research and security monitoring. He has worked in the industry since 2004 in both publishing and information systems and search.

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