Research security programs have become increasingly vital for funding agencies worldwide. With global funders and regulatory bodies increasing their emphasis on building secure and trusted international research collaborations, many organisations are seeking solutions to address their research integrity needs.

In this on-demand webinar, we showcase how you can leverage Dimensions’ suite of tools to address compliance objectives, including risk profiling, ethics assessment, and foreign influence disclosures. Our platform provides access to an extensive range of data sources, including publication and funding history, to verify researchers’ credentials and identify potential conflicts of interest. Additionally, we offer trust markers that organisations can use to promote transparent and ethical research management.

Watch the recording to learn more about best practices in research security and integrity. We demonstrate how Dimensions can seamlessly integrate into research security workflows and provide examples of how to make the most of our tools. You will leave with actionable strategies for the following goals:

  • Comply with relevant mandates and regulations
  • Assess and prioritise potential risks
  • Vet researchers for foreign influence
  • Safeguard research integrity

Watch on demand: