A game-changing infrastructure makes it quicker and easier to interpret complex data

Here at Dimensions, we believe that complex challenges require tailored solutions. Our users are tasked with tasks such as gaining strategic insight for future research, benchmarking their performance, and much more, and they need a targeted, visual and accessible view to gather those key insights. 

For this reason, we’re launching Dimensions Modules&Apps, the innovative analytical and workflow apps that give Dimensions users a new level of data analysis and discovery. 

Each one is designed to solve specific research problems, drawing insights from the world’s largest linked research information database. With more data than any other provider, and with 70% of publications, for which we have worked with publishers to improve the records by indexing the full-text, Dimensions builds on an already powerful search application, with an app infrastructure that combines visual discovery with search, providing you with answers for a vast range of research challenges and common use cases. 

With Dimensions Modules&Apps we want to make this data more visual and accessible, so it’s quicker and easier to find and interpret what you need. 

And if you need an extra layer of personalization, you can also collaborate with our team to customize existing apps or develop fully bespoke dashboards and apps, thanks to our Dimensions Modules&Apps infrastructure.  

“With the Modules&Apps concept, we are now able to build and release analytical apps and dashboards solving very specific challenges for our users – at scale.” comments Christian Herzog, Chief Product Officer at Digital Science, and adds: “These apps can cover common use cases relevant to our audience, or can easily be customized for individual clients. The app infrastructure is key and it allows us to do this efficiently, quickly, and in close collaboration with our clients.”

We are launching today the first two analytical apps: Perspectives & Insights looking at the outputs, impact, and strategy for research organizations, and Landscape & Discovery which allows the user to take any topic with up to 500.000 publications into a visual discovery app. Let’s take a closer look: 

Dimensions Landscape & Discovery

Create your own customized visual discovery app from your Dimensions search which will enable you to horizon scan in seconds, gain rapid insights, and see an in-depth snapshot of your chosen research area. You can then use this clear and detailed picture to inform your strategic decisions. 

Dimensions Perspectives & Insights

This app empowers you to understand and benchmark your organization’s performance. Analyzing the Dimensions database in seconds, it creates a clear dashboard where you can see and compare research performance, concepts, collaborations, grants and much more – giving you powerful strategic insights.

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