Create your own landscape analysis dashboards for rapid insights with the Landscape & Discovery app

To make strategic research decisions, you need to understand the current research landscape. However, that usually means running multiple searches and analyzing mountains of data – and that can be a long and daunting task.

With Landscape & Discovery, you can get a clear understanding of any specific research landscape at a glance. Making the process quick and simple, Dimensions lets you create your own customized landscape analysis dashboards, explore complex insights with ease and make better strategic decisions.

How it works

You simply search using any keyword(s) or facet(s) and then select ‘Integrate search results into an app.’ In under two minutes, you’ll be able to explore your personal landscape analysis dashboard. With its easy-to-use visualizations, this enables you to explore research outputs, key players, and collaboration patterns – as well as patent, policy documents, and clinical-trial citations.

You can:

  • See which organizations have had the most success in collaborating across the academic-corporate divide
  • Determine which lines of investigation have attracted the most grant funding in emerging areas
  • Assess the degree to which basic research has been translated into new technologies or therapies through patent and clinical-trial linkages
  • Find out which funders are most likely to make a bet on high-risk/high-reward research in a given research area.

The app makes it easy to uncover relationships and connections, track trends, perform analysis, and fill knowledge gaps quickly. You can also see collaborations between industry, researchers, and academia, including the top collaborating research institutions, the links between the most prolific countries, and the most productive research collaborations.

Landscape & Discovery can help government organizations and funders make informed, data-driven decisions in their scientific reviews and portfolio analysis processes. It helps publishers assess which new special issues or new publications to launch, while companies can explore IP and emerging areas in any given field, and find suitable collaborations with academics.

See Landscape & Discovery in action

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