How institutions are safeguarding their research with Dimensions Research Security

In a world where knowledge is power, safeguarding the integrity of research has become crucial. Many institutions are now concerned about research security. In fact, the increasing adoption of Dimensions Research Security across the US, UK, Canadian and Australian academic institutional markets underscores the recognition that tools such as Dimensions Research Security are crucial. But why are academic institutions increasingly concerned? And how do solutions like Dimensions Research Security help protect institutions? 

Research security, as defined by the NSPM-33 Implementation Guidance, involves protecting the research enterprise against threats to national or economic security, violations of integrity, and foreign government interference. It encompasses safeguarding scientific research inputs, processes, and outcomes. With the rapid pace of technological advancement and globalization, institutions face a myriad of challenges, from global competition to emerging industries and societal shifts towards digitization. The responsibility for research security is shared among various actors in the international research ecosystem, including governments, funding agencies, universities, and intergovernmental organizations.

Keeping this in mind, Dimensions drafted a US guide to understanding the history of research security, which is available to download. However, it is not just the US where we are seeing an urgency to monitor research security. UK reports of state-sponsored attempts to infiltrate research have prompted governments and institutions to reevaluate their security measures. The UK Head of Domestic Security has announced a consultation on the issue, signalling a growing recognition of the threats facing the research community. Canadian and Australian universities have also seen a surge in the number of attempts to infiltrate research, leading the Canadian government to announce its National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships and Australia’s Research Council to offer advice to institutions on the topic.

Dimensions Research Security  is designed to help institutions protect their research and researchers. Developed in collaboration with a panel of research security experts, it employs a data-driven approach to assess potential risks, streamline compliance tasks, and foster trust. By leveraging the Dimensions database, which hosts the largest collection of linked, global research data, the app offers an easy-to-use and fast way to quickly identify risk so users can make informed decisions and ensure compliance with government and funder mandates.

Some of the recent adopters of the Dimensions  Research Security solution
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Whether used by an individual researcher, a research group, or an international collaboration, Dimensions Research Security offers tailored solutions to meet diverse needs. With features that highlight potential risks in international collaborations and foreign funding programs, the app equips institutions with the tools they need to safeguard the integrity of their research. As institutions strive to remain compliant with evolving legislation and mitigate associated risks, Dimensions Research Security emerges as a trusted solution to protect knowledge.

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