Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry (Dimensions L&C)  has extended its patent data to include more than 140 million patents from around the world.

“With our extended patent coverage, we are able to help the scientific community be at the forefront of innovation,” said Peter Doerr, SVP Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry.  

“By combining this extra coverage with our semantic search capabilities, we can offer unparalleled knowledge discovery and technology foresight to help the scientific community make the most informed decisions on strategy, research and development.”

Dimensions L&C – part of Digital Science – now includes 140+ million patents from over 100 patent offices including English translations of Asian and other non-English patent offices. Geographic coverage includes: China, Japan, United States, Germany, European Patent Office (EPO), South Korea, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), United Kingdom, France and Australia, in addition to others.

The expansion of patent data has been made possible due to Digital Science’s acquisition in 2021 of IFI CLAIMS, a leading global patent database.

Searching patent data will enable:

Getting to market faster – knowing full legal checks have been covered regarding freedom to operate, for example  checking new product or drug development for previous patent activity.

Undertaking competitive analysis – by seeing exactly what other companies are protecting with patents and where the trends are.

Being strategic – analysing patent volumes and categories over time and geography.

Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry is a unique solution on the forefront of revolutionizing research discovery. It is the largest collection of scientific databases available that covers the full breadth of the research lifecycle coupled with intelligent semantic text analysis tools and ontologies, with a well-designed user interface leading to insight into the scientific landscape.

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