The cutting-edge Dimensions Research Integrity app has been launched on 12 June 2023. This innovative app utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to track Trust Markers across an extensive collection of millions of publications, revolutionizing the way users ensure research integrity and foster global trust in scholarly work.

Designed for universities, funders, and publishers, the Dimensions Research Integrity app empowers users to analyze Trust Markers relevant to their organization, as well as those pertaining to similar institutions. Trust Markers serve as indicators of professional, transparent, well-communicated, and reproducible scientific research. They include declarations of ethical approval, disclosure of conflicts of interest, author contributions, and data availability.

Dr. Leslie McIntosh, Vice President of Research Integrity at Digital Science, highlights the significance of this app in addressing the mounting concerns surrounding research integrity. She explains that it is the first app of its kind, built upon the extensive research integrity data available to academic institutions, governments, funding bodies, and publishers, facilitating informed decision-making.

The Dimensions Research Integrity app follows the tradition of all Dimensions apps by providing a user-friendly experience and accessible data analysis. Users can leverage advanced data analysis tools and generate custom charts and dashboards without requiring an in-house data analysis team.

Dr. McIntosh envisions the Dimensions Research Integrity app as a significant stride towards ensuring the reproducibility and trustworthiness of scientific research. 

For more information about the Dimensions Research Integrity app, please visit the following: 

The product webpage

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