Taking data exploration to the next level

Here at Dimensions we believe in putting users at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we are calling on the research community to take part in a unique opportunity to test and help us develop AI functionality within Dimensions.

Introducing Dimensions AI Assistant.

Launching with a closed beta-release, Dimensions is applying artificial intelligence to our vast database with the aim of speeding up data exploration and interpretation.

How will it work?

As part of the beta testing, users will be able to state a research interest and receive summaries generated by leveraging the Dimensions dataset and the large language models Dimensions General Sci-Bert and Open AI’s ChatGPT.

This closed beta launch will collect feedback from our users and help us develop an even better data discovery experience, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

The requirements

  • We are looking for beta testers globally from academic institutions, publishers, corporate organizations, and government and funding bodies.
  • All prospective applicants need to have a registered Dimensions account.

Why should you apply

  • Shape the future of AI within Dimensions search and help us develop a solution for the ethical and responsible use of AI in research.
  • Help researchers achieve their goals quicker by helping them find the most relevant research and achieve relevant synopses without the need to create boolean queries, limit the results further, repeat etc.
  • Collaborate with the Dimensions team to refine a product that aligns perfectly with your needs and expectations.