Dimensions on
Google BigQuery

Access all the Dimensions data via Google’s cloud-based platform for your custom analysis or dynamic dashboard

The fastest way to unlock the world’s largest database of research and innovation. Dimensions on Google BigQuery delivers custom analytics, AI applications, automated reports and dashboards.

Unparalleled research delivered to you in seconds

Plug and play to save time

Eliminate expensive months of developer time wasted on data ingestion and empower your teams to perform advanced analytics at incredible speed using SQL.

Simply log in to start analysing in under 2 minutes.

Combine your data with confidence

Securely integrate your existing analytics, reporting and data with Dimensions.

Integrate easily into your workflows using a wide range of programming connectors – including for Python, Java and R.

Gain ultimate control

Create custom dashboards and analyses with complete flexibility to answer your organization’s most pressing questions.

Connect straight into data visualization tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI and Data Studio, with out-of-the-box connectors.

GBQ Documentation

Explore our technical resources, get set up on Google Cloud, and use our step-by-step guides.

Try out BigQuery for yourself

Our Covid-19 dataset is openly available on Google Cloud. Try BigQuery, our data schema, and build a dashboard.

Find on-demand training

We’re committed to empowering all our customers with new skills and confidence, so we run bi-weekly training sessions.

Get ready-made queries with our BigQuery Lab

Ready-to-go notebooks and SQL queries to save you time and give you ideas. 

Explore our data schema

We make hundreds of fields available, so you can do the precise analyses you need

Use Dimensions in BI tools like Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI

BigQuery enables you to connect Dimensions to your existing tools of choice in under 1 minute.

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Google BigQuery can benefit your organization?