Dimensions on
Google Big Query

Make evidence-based decisions with confidence: Access and analyze the data that underlies the world’s largest and most diverse source of research insight.

Dimensions on Google BigQuery gives you analytical capabilities that are only limited by your imagination. It extends your organisation’s analytical capability and connects you to the most comprehensive data. Leveraging Google’s BigQuery, Google Cloud’s secure, scalable multi-cloud data warehouse environment, lowers the bar to professional-level data manipulation and analytics. BigQuery is designed for rapid analytics on massive datasets, meaning that even complex large scale analyses can be done in seconds.

Bring proprietary and public data together with Dimensions data

Google BigQuery allows users to combine Dimensions data with other proprietary and public data sources, without our involvement, in a completely private and secure way. This could include internal data from your organization, important scientific databases such as ChEMBL, or other external datasets such as global economic indicators.

Create custom dashboards and reports

BigQuery offers direct integration into your existing analysis and intelligence environment, with connections to popular Business Intelligence and data visualization tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI and Data Studio. This allows you to create personalized dashboards and reports, to ensure every level of the organization can be informed with the tailored insights they need.

Ultimate control

Empower your teams to perform advanced analytics at blazing fast speeds using SQL. Integrate easily using a wide range of programming connectors – including for Python, Java and R.

Plug and play

BigQuery empowers your teams to perform advanced analytics at industry-leading speeds using SQL. BigQuery is a multi-cloud solution, enabling data to be integrated across not only Google Cloud but also AWS and Azure. Data and results can be easily integrated using a wide range of programming connectors – including for Python, Java and R.

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Read our full documentation

This documentation provides details on configuring your Google BigQuery environment, information regarding the data available from our BigQuery data sets and some example queries to get you started.

Try our FREE COVID-19 dataset on Google BigQuery

This dataset contains all published articles and preprints (over 150k), clinical trials, grants and datasets from Dimensions.ai that are related to COVID-19.

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Learn more about this exciting new initiative, which will empower you and your staff with unprecedented flexibility to analyze our data fast and at scale; combine our data with other proprietary and public data sources; and build custom dashboards and reports.

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