Dimensions is a next-generation linked research information system that makes it easier to find and access the most relevant information, analyze the business outcomes of research, and gather insights to inform future strategy.

Unlike existing tools, Dimensions brings together 4 billion research connections – relationships between scientific experts, publications & citations, grants, clinical trials, intellectual property, and market response.

Our dynamically linked data enables effective evaluation of new research projects, such as, drugs in clinical development and discovery of competitive intelligence insights for existing therapies. The plaftorm allows:

  • Easy identification of experts globally and key opinion leaders across domains
  • Quick visibility of from the earliest signals of scientific activity – in awarded grants – through pre and post-publication activity – through commercialization and therapeutics

Dimensions has proven to be particularly useful for the identification of key opinion leaders and the exploration of collaboration networks – many global research organizations are currently using Dimensions data to find and reach experts and potential collaborators in specific disease areas and research topics as early in the research cycle as the publication of a funded grant award.

To demonstrate how Dimensions data can be used to identify key opinion leaders, we’ll extract some insights into Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) beginning from the global, down to the individual expert-level view.

NAFLD is rapidly becoming the most common liver disease worldwide. Disease types associated with NAFLD present a tremendous research and development challenge for life sciences organizations and also a great opportunity for them to create value and innovation.

Dimensions can help paint a broader picture of the entire research landscape around your field of interest and allows users to analyze funding insights from 260 large funders and foundations. We’ll begin the search by exploring the MESH search term Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease within over 4 million searchable grants. We limited the search results to active years 2008-2018 to ensure we review the most recent research in this area.

Fig 1: Search results confirm that there 850 active grants totaling more than $750M

Use the Analytical Views tab to quickly gather some key insights including which funders are currently investing in this field, which organizations are receiving the most funding and which researchers are most active and could lead to future collaborations.

Fig 2: Select Research Organizations in the Analytical Views tab and view the Active Grants timeline

With nearly $50M in active funding, it is clear that Yale University is heavily pursuing this field of research and will likely employ a number of experts on the subject of NAFLD. Narrowing the results to Yale University, you can obtain a list of Yale researchers connected to the active grants on the topic.

Fig 3: Select Researchers in the Analytical Views tab and view the Aggregated funding  Heatmap

Dimensions integrated content types allow you to seamlessly search all research outputs from Yale to view publications, grants, patents, clinical trials and policy documents they’ve published on the subject. Sorting by Altmetric Attention Score can indicate which research in NAFLD is receiving the most online attention. A combination of publication volume, citation and Altmetric data act as signals to highlight recent research publication dynamics in the field.

Fig 4: Filter grant results to Yale University to view all related research activity across content types

These insights were obtained in under 5 minutes and offer a simple and effective way to identify key opinion leaders. You can also try our free KOL tool for yourself.

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