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University of Erlangen–Nuremberg: Facilitating data-driven research with Dimensions

Learn how the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg uses the Dimensions API to maximize research efficiency with pinpoint accuracy.

Insights into the academic world’s complex dynamics

Learn how the University of Zurich uses Dimensions to explore themes that affect research behavior and scientific integrity.

Institute for Humane Studies: Supporting non-profits in strategic decision-making

Learn how Dimensions supports non-profit, the Institute for Humane Studies in strategic decision-making.

How to use Dimensions ‘Similar Documents’ search to discover funding trends

In this video we'll cover how you can discover funding trends is only a few clicks when you use the Dimensions ‘Similar Documents’ search.

How to find Key Opinion Leaders using Dimensions and Altmetric

In this video, we’ll cover how you can find key opinion leaders in different areas of research using Dimensions and Altmetric.

How to create custom groups in Dimensions

In this video, we’ll cover how you can create custom groups in Dimensions.

How to create network visualizations with Dimensions

In this video we'll cover how you can create network visualizations directly in dimensions using the VosViewer integration.

How to discover metrics to enhance your NIH Biosketch

The aim of this video is to give you a quick demonstration of how to search for your publications and discover metrics that you can use to enhance your NIH Biosketch.

Using Dimensions to identify suitable journals

In this video, you'll learn how you can use Dimensions to discover which journals are publishing research in your field the most.

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