Dimensions for Corporate R&D

Develop market-beating initiatives with insights from the world’s largest scientific research database

Dimensions provides the most comprehensive view of the whole research landscape, enabling technology forecasting and early stage research to help you create disruptive initiatives. It’s the only research intelligence service with data across the full research lifecycle. So you can speed up your research process and focus on growing your business. 

“Dimensions L&C’s rich and interlinked data combined with OntoChem’s powerful ontologies take scientific knowledge discovery and insight generation to the next level.”


Game-changing advantages

Advance your strategic position

See the bigger picture as you can quickly horizon scan and predict patterns and trends easily to innovate at speed. Make future product development faster and more accurate.

Find more of what you need, fast

We leave no stone unturned. Even complex queries deliver results in seconds. You can explore across the whole research lifecycle, from over 130 million publications to data on grants, clinical trials, patents, datasets and policy documents. And, with over 70% of publications available with full text indexing, you will discover more relevant information than anywhere else.

Get to market faster

Accelerate your route to market, as you lessen the risk of failure through faster more accurate research. Easily spot gaps for development so you can start work improving people’s lives.

Minimize error

Make accurate, evidence-based decisions with confidence; mitigate risk; and increase efficacy. You can also create powerful visualizations from high-quality, connected datasets to see understand the data at a glance.

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A scientific research database with advanced capabilities

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