Dimensions for Biotech

Discover an end-to-end research and business intelligence solution with the Dimensions Biotech Solution, accelerating sales, marketing, and product workflows.

Your path to success

In fast-growing markets like yours, finding and assessing complex information doesn’t need to be complex. That’s where the Dimensions Biotech Solution comes in, a true end-to-end research and business intelligence solution that accelerates knowledge discovery in the Biotech industry.

Our comprehensive solution enables fast-growing companies to navigate the complex biotech market, find key collaborators, and uncover new opportunities.

In a few easy steps, you can quickly leverage the largest scientific database and largest collection of funding available for more accurate results and insights to guide your organization’s strategic decisions.


Supercharge your product development and find key collaborators

Support every stage of product development thanks to Dimensions Biotech Solution. With our full-text search and interconnected data, you’ll quickly gain access to highly targeted results precisely matched to your products and applications to inform your product development and keep ahead of the competition.


Identify new business opportunities and conduct prospect profiling

Identify new business opportunities and quality leads thanks to Dimensions’ full-text search. The Dimensions Biotech Solution allows you an unprecedented level of detail to conduct market profiling and uncover new opportunities. Quickly find, analyze results and, export them in your own workflows.

Uncover new market intelligence and support your campaigns and product launches

Support your marketing campaigns with the right researchers’ profiles and business intelligence. Dive into the data you need to really understand your audience, and product applications and access an unprecedented level of detail to deliver more effective marketing campaigns.

One solution to fast-track decision making

Assess market share

Find out the who, why, and how of who is using your product. Scope out new areas, identify funding patterns, and spot opportunities you might be unaware of with our conceptual search.

Locate funding of interest

Discover funding intelligence to find new business opportunities. Take advantage of the largest collection of grant data, and gain a snapshot of funding by country, grant start and end date, and much more.

Identify the right experts

Find the right collaborators and experts by tapping into the world’s largest linked research database. Access relevant metrics such as publications, lead PI, H-Index, academic age, and much more.

Your end-to-end research and business intelligence solution