Dimensions for Life Science Services

Identify your target market with precision and drive commercial growth

Dimensions is a powerful research discovery tool which leverages the world’s largest linked research information dataset.

Our technology has revolutionized the grant search process, enabling quick, accurate and up-to-the-minute identification of who and what has been funded.

It’s the only service that offers life science services insights into non-public data streams from commercial sources. With a detailed view of emerging and established areas of focus, you can make evidence-based decisions about what to develop and who to target to drive your business forward.

Dimensions for Life Science Services allows you to:

  • Generate more accurate insights than ever before
  • Enhance your commercial discovery phase, uncovering trends in grant applications and funding
  • Find and target the right researchers and institutions 
  • Spot gaps in the market and uncover new opportunities 
  • Automate your search process to stay current
  • Improve chances of commercial success 

Game-changing advantages

Find what you need, fast

Quickly return accurate results about grants, funding opportunities and researchers from different sources across the whole ecosystem.

Speed up researcher profiling

Identify and target the right researchers, building a complete picture of their expertise and areas of focus. 

Drive commercial success 

Innovate lead generation as you find opportunities that help inform your commercial strategy with evidence-based insight.

Be the first to uncover commercial opportunities and stay ahead of competitors. 

Our customers

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