Academic Institutions

Supporting both your researchers and your organization

The research process and landscape is growing ever more complex, interconnected and competitive. As a research organization, success relies on bringing in funding and top researchers, and ensuring those researchers have access to the best tools. Dimensions can help you ensure your organization is well-positioned, nationally or internationally, to attract much-needed resources, and provide researchers with the tools, data, and resources they need to succeed. Dimensions is uniquely designed to support different groups within a research organization, from research administrators to students and research staff.

Support your researchers in their information search

The free version of Dimensions provides openly-available search and metrics for more than 100 million publications. With an institutional license to Dimensions Analytics, the content they can access expands to cover grants, clinical trials, patents, datasets and policy documents, enabling them to gain deeper insights into a topic or field.

Strengthen funding applications and reporting

Analyze trends, identify potential collaborators, explore previous grants, and pull data and metrics from across the research lifecycle to create more effective proposals and develop your most comprehensive reporting yet.

Enhance evaluation and inform strategic planning

Advanced analytical capabilities in Dimensions Analytics make it possible to compare and contrast data from research institutions around the world – including your own. Map the competitive landscape, explore cross-disciplinary opportunities, and position your research programs for the future.

Trace the impacts of research

Explore the influence and outcomes of ongoing and past collaborations, and follow the pathways to ‘real world’ impact through links between publications, patents, and policies.

Find out how others have been using Dimensions

Find reviewers for grant applications

This case study describes why and how the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) from University of Florida used Dimensions to find reviewers for COVID-19 grant applications.

Discover funding sources

Donna Axel from the University of Colorado, Boulder, is a Proposal Editor and Writing Coach and shares how she is using Dimensions in her daily work.

Monitor Sustainable Development Goals

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) wants to make a positive societal impact through research, as measured by the SDGs. They are using Dimensions for the creation of a dashboard as a tool for strategic planning and continuous measurement of progress.

Showcase research expertise

The University of Michigan has launched a new searchable database of their research expertise using a Digital Science solution built on Symplectic, Dimensions, Altmetric and Readcube technology.

Inform strategic planning

Anne Maglia serves as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Compliance at University of Massachusetts Lowell. She describes how her office uses Dimensions to inform strategic planning for its research portfolio.

Address analytical needs

David Minor, Director, Research Data Curation Program, talks about why his Library invested in Dimensions Plus and the DSL AP to address their analytical needs.

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