Corporate Research and Development

Data-driven insights to fuel successful R&D

Research innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it requires extensive access to data and a networked view of the information landscape to monitor, evaluate, and inform the decisions your business makes every day. Dimensions delivers a robust, cleansed, and connected data set that can set your research programs apart.

Identify Key Opinion Leaders

Filter on your R&D department’s scientific fields to see who is receiving the most funding, what attention they receive in scientific communities, what they are publishing, and more.

Since finding KOLs is a frequently performed and important activity, the Dimensions team created a new tool that makes this even easier.

Explore and analyze the global research landscape

From funding, clinical trials, datasets and publications, to patents, policies, and more, Dimensions makes it possible to draw connections across the research lifecycle and gather advanced insights to inform your research activities.

Find academic collaborators

Trace activity by institution and evaluate the networks and contributions of potential collaborators or research partners.

Monitor your brands

Set up alerts and receive notifications when your brands and product names are mentioned in research publications, are awarded grants or patents, or participate in clinical trials.

Advance and shape your strategic position

Use a comprehensive and diverse set of metrics and real-time Altmetric attention data to track trends across therapeutic areas, benchmark against competitors, and inform communication planning.


Identifying global expertise in CAR-T

In this snapshot you will find global trends in Car-T research investment, research and innovation across a 10-year time span. We also use our NLP search technology to surface experts at the topic intersection of Car-T and solid tumor research using our unique database of awarded grants.

New agile methods to extract deeper knowledge

Find out how we provide an open and iterative approach by connecting our tools with those of the research community. Watch the recording from Digital Science’s presentation at BioData World Congress.

Get better insights for medical affairs

Leading biomedical companies use Dimensions to find new KOLS, publications, and competitive intelligence with linked datasets. Robust analytics tools provide new perspectives drawing on pre-prints, scientific publications, clinical trials, patents, online mentions, and more.

We’d be happy to provide more information on how Dimensions can support your organization – please contact us and we will be in touch