Dimensions is introducing the beta of a new AI Assistant to enhance the user experience, with the research community playing a critical role in ensuring our AI delivers what they need.

Imagine using AI to leverage the power of Dimensions with the click of a button. That’s exactly what you can do with Dimensions AI Assistant: your interaction with the world’s research knowledge is assisted by a powerful AI that takes you beyond keywords to a semantically rich summary with references, fully contextualizing the results and linking them with the literature. Digital Science has announced a closed beta release of Dimensions AI Assistant, which will allow users to achieve their goals quicker by helping them find the most relevant research and receive relevant synposes, leveraging the power of the Dimensions large language model, Dimensions General Science-BERT, and Open AI’s GPT models.

“The Dimensions AI Assistant provides users with contextualized synopses using what is known as extractive and abstractive summarization,” says Martin Schmidt, Head of Innovation at Digital Science. “When a user interacts with Dimensions AI Assistant, it scans 33 million articles from the Dimensions database, retrieves and then semantically ranks the top results using semantic embeddings. The abstracts of the top 4 results are then processed by Open AI’s GPT Models API to generate abstractive summaries, and the Dimensions General Science-BERT model is used to provide extractive answers for the top 10 publications,” he explains.

The main objective in releasing the closed beta of Dimensions AI Assistant is to gather valuable feedback from beta testers representing various segments, including academics, corporate entities, publishers, government agencies, and funding organizations. This approach ensures that user needs and interactions are given utmost importance as the app’s functionality continues to be developed. “By prioritizing the beta launch as an essential step, we aim to refine the product and ensure that it aligns with the expectations and requirements of its target audience,” says Christian Bode, Head of Product, Dimensions.

“This focus on user feedback and refinement of the Dimensions AI Assistant aligns perfectly with our approach to AI,” says Digital Science CEO Daniel Hook. “We recognize the challenges inherent in using AI, especially for something as fundamental and impactful as research.  The ethical and social implications of this technology cannot be ignored and hence we feel that an ethical and responsible approach is needed, even in the face of rapid innovation and the hype around AI.” He adds, “We are committed to releasing tools where we either explicitly understand and can state their downsides or where we have a high degree of confidence and trust in their outputs. We believe this approach is crucial so we can empower users to discern when they can trust the AI and when they should exercise caution.”

This beta launch of Dimensions AI Assistant will be the first step in developing additional AI helpers. The feedback is meant to be a guide to explore opportunities to integrate Dimensions AI Assistant into Dimensions Analytics.

For more information, go to the product page or simply contact the Dimensions team.