Fast answers you can trust, from the combination of scientific evidence and generative AI

Find fast and trusted answers to all of your research-related questions with Dimensions Research GPT.

A transformative AI assistant that uses ChatGPT’s conversational interface to draw answers from Dimensions’ extensive Open Access publication records . 

Easily access generative AI results, grounded in scientific evidence, from the Open AI ChatGPT platform.

Accurate answers at speed with Dimensions Research GPT

Dimensions Research GPT brings a solution for the research community to leverage the power of AI with Dimensions data. Available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, this new tool grounds results in scientific facts, with accessible references you can click through.

With Dimensions Research GPT users can easily:

  • Receive answers to research-related questions informed by Dimensions’ extensive OA publications records.
  • Be notified each time the content generated is based on Dimensions’ data and access references to the source.
  • Click through the references list to the Dimensions detail page, to know more about the source article and deepen your investigation.

Do you have a subscription to Dimensions Analytics? Find out more about Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise

Try it for yourself

Dimensions Research GPT is available to users who have a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise account. Please follow these instructions to access the app and begin your discovery journey:

  • Sign in to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise.
  • Access Dimensions Research GPT or search in-app for ‘Dimensions Research GPT’ in the GPT store.
  • Start asking your research-related questions and click through your results to continue your discovery on Dimensions.

The Dimensions Research GPT allows users to ask topic-specific questions, and receive a summary enriched with scientific references which includes a path to validate the correctness of the results. The best way to interact with the GPT is to ask qualitative questions that unlock answers alongside references to the original article. Such questions could be about “understanding the effect of climate change on malaria” or learning about scientific terms, or applications, by asking “What are immunoglobulins?” or “What is PCR technology used for?”. A good prompt (or question) is key to receiving relevant answers in every case. 


What is the Dimensions Research GPT and why should I use that instead of ChatGPT?

The Dimensions Research GPT is a tailored version of the ChatGPT experience that is connected to Dimensions data relating to tens of millions of Open Access publications and built to ensure results include references to source material. By being linked to the Dimensions database in this way, the Dimensions Research GPT answers are grounded in research and so less prone to hallucinations, and include click-through scholarly references to enable quick and easy validation and further discovery. 

What prompts/questions has the Dimensions Research GPT been designed for?

Like with every custom GPT, effective prompts are crucial to get accurate, relevant and correct answers by the Dimensions Research GPT. Effective prompts are clear, specific, and tailored to the AI’s capabilities, focusing on generating insights, summaries, or analyses that are relevant to the user’s scholarly needs. Make sure your prompt is specific enough, and contains key information about the topic, field, researcher etc., you are curious about. Add any constraints or preferences, to enhance the utility of the Dimensions Research GPT.  To help users test Dimensions Research GPT we have created so-called “Conversation starters” that are good examples for prompts. You can find these directly in the Dimensions Research GPT interface.

How can I access the Dimensions Research GPT?

The Dimensions research GPT is publicly available in the ChatGPT store. You can therefore access it directly from the ChatGPT GPT store or you can also simply click [this link]. For Dimensions users the Dimensions Research GPT is also available from the Dimensions Web application interface. At the moment, only ChatGPT users with Enterprise or Plus accounts can access GPTs.

What are the costs of using the Dimensions Research GPT?

The Dimensions Research GPT is available for free, but requires users to have either a Premium or Plus ChatGPT account.