Dimensions L&C documentation


Establish a fast, accurate drug landscape for specific targets

How to accurately analyse the drug landscape for specific targets to reduce the risk of efficacy failure and take more drugs to market.

Broaden research into compounds and drug mechanisms of action

How to save time, gain a deeper level of understanding and make informed decision-making to reduce preclinical efficacy failure.

Quickly understand disease mechanisms

Improve target assessment in biomedical research and avoid later stage failures in clinical trials by establishing strong target-disease linkage.

Applying AI to automate biomarker identification

How to detect and select ontology biomarkers of interest using AI automation.

Give your Targeted Protein Degradation research the winning edge

A poster showing how Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry can support and accelerate Targeted Protein Degradation research.

How to run a chemical structure search

Identify potential drug targets for a disease

Understand disease mechanisms

Understand drug candidate mechanisms of action


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