Dimensions is a linked research information system where multiple content sources (Publications; Datasets; Grants; Patents; Clinical Trials and Policy Documents) are categorized, indexed and linked – its design results in powerful discovery with more than 5+ billion linkages. The full text for ~75 million scholarly publications can be searched from Dimensions, helping you and your organization deeply search relevant literature beyond title and abstract and make critical connections from the scientific literature to other linked content sources.

Watch this webinar to learn how Dimensions deep data discovery can be used to access scientific and technical data across a networked view of global research information.

We will show you:

  • How the deep links between the content in the Dimensions data platform can inform your business decisions about global researchers and research organizations, as well as disease areas and fields of research.
  • How to perform deep data searches for assets (such as medical devices or laboratory equipment) in publications, grants and clinical trials and enable your business teams to monitor and evaluate impact.
  • How to detect where research activity is conducted on specific compounds, genes, and/or molecules outside of well known indications – and, how to measure attention/impact.
  • And much more!