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A REFreshed view on publications: The new Dimensions UoA categorisation scheme

On Demand
In this webinar you can learn how you can use Dimensions' new Unit of Assessment categorisation to support your REF-related work.

Dimensions for Early Career Researchers

On Demand
Find out how Dimensions can help you with literature reviews, finding potential collaborators, journals for submission, funders, and much more via our extensive linked content. With over 100 million research publications, Dimensions provides innovative ways to get the information you need.

Build a Campus Wide Growth Strategy

On Demand
Join us for this one hour webinar to learn more about how Dimensions data can be used to help inform discussions and decisions made when developing a campus-wide strategy for growth.

Building Data Driven Collaboration Strategies

On Demand
Join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn how to use our data to identify the best potential collaboration opportunities using high impact indicators.

Dimensions for Publishers: New Features and Emerging Use Cases

On Demand
Dimensions continues to evolve with new features and data as ongoing improvements are deployed rapidly. The newer features and data sets are a direct result of publisher user feedback as well as a robust product strategy and supporting roadmap.

Dimensions for the compliance office

On Demand
Spending a lot of time and effort complying with federal mandates regarding disclosures of foreign funding, intellectual property and clinical trials? Find out in just 30 minutes how Dimensions can save you hours of time on these tasks via our interlinked database of over 100M publications, 5M awarded grants, 39M patent records, 500K clinical trials from around the world, and more.

Using Dimensions publication and grants data to validate transformative agreements

On Demand
The STM publishing landscape is rapidly changing and many scholarly publishers are transitioning to open access by signing transformative agreements with academic institutions that would previously buy traditional journal subscriptions. To create, evaluate and negotiate those agreements, you will need access to really good forward looking and historical data. In this webinar, we will show you how to make your transformative agreement more successful by using Dimensions rich publication and grants data. Looking at robust data surrounding authorship and funding in topical areas by country, geography, institution, and funder, you will learn how to reveal key insights into the current and future state of play for your discipline which will complement your own usage statistics. On top of that, we will show you how researcher data and publication history can be added to give you a 360 degree view which is invaluable in decision making in open access publishing.

How Dimensions can boost your Marketing & Communication activities

On Demand
Discover how Dimensions can help you keep up to date on the latest publications and awards at your institution, find similar research with significant coverage to find appropriate outlets for outreach, identify researchers at your institution with new research or funding to promote, discover research that is receiving attention online, and examine that attention in detail, quickly surface research publications, grants, clinical trials and intellectual property at your institution to tie into trending news topics, and more.

Finding New Reviewers and How We Help with Peer Review

On Demand
Identifying experts is a time-consuming activity which often results in returning to the same well of researchers that you’ve been using for years. Dimensions includes millions of expertise profiles that are precisely matched to applications allowing you to effectively identify new, qualified reviewers.

Learn how the Norwegian University of Science & Technology uses Dimensions

On Demand
Dimensions can help you ensure your organization is well-positioned, nationally or internationally, to attract much-needed resources, and provide researchers with the tools, data, and resources they need to succeed.

The Canadian Open Access landscape and related insights

On Demand
Dimensions delivers the fastest route to Open Access content with just one click. Users can view full-text PDF versions of millions of Open Access articles to ensure your researchers get the content they need, the moment they need it.

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