Introduction for Researchers

With Dimensions, researchers have access to a vast collection of curated research outputs and tools that help them find what they need to advance their discoveries.

Quick Start Guide

This guide provides a short overview of Dimensions navigation and functionality, including some sample searches you might like to try to get started.

API documentation

This documentation contains high-level information about the project and its development, as well as the language’s features and usage.

Dimensions API Labs – code examples

This page contains Jupyter notebooks to show how to carry out common scholarly data analytics tasks using the Dimensions Analytics API.

API on Github

Learn about the Dimensions Analytics API via code examples and Jupyter notebooks.

Using Dimensions’ robust grants database to assess the state of Canadian climate science

Tristan’s objective was to assess the current state of climate science resources and funding in Canada and use the results to offer recommendations to strengthen the field.

Identifying Global Expertise in CAR-T

Digital Science offers data capabilities and the connected data to help life science organizations understand the Car-T research and development landscape.

Providing valuable data on funding flows to academia for market model development

Aruna Rajan is a Staff Market Research Analyst at Illumina. Aruna’s role involves providing strategic insights and actionable information from market models and other analyses.

An A&I database on steroids

Jenny Wooldridge, Senior Analyst in the analysis and evaluation team at the UK-based National Physical Laboratory describes how powerful Dimensions is at helping conduct vital research and strategic analyses.

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