Use cases


Creating clinical trial dashboards accessible for clinicians

Create a Clinical Trial Visualization Platform to transform scientific publications into an accessible and interactive format for clinicians and patients.

Find experts of the future

How to find experts of the future with access to relevant information and insights that will help inform future strategies.

Understand cancer research activities

How to track and understand cancer related activity across publications, grants and more.

Easily find the right experts for medical affairs with the KOL custom dashboard

How to find key opinion leaders (KOL) for every medical affairs department, therapy areas and around specific medication.

Automate literature gap analysis to improve patient outcomes

The Dimensions / Pfizer collaboration that combined AI and human intelligence to help find drug treatments for prostate cancer.
Dimensions Dashboards

Undertake complex landscape analysis at speed

How to quickly horizon scan any chosen topic or field with easy to understand visualisations.

Establish a fast, accurate drug landscape for specific targets

How to accurately analyse the drug landscape for specific targets to reduce the risk of efficacy failure and take more drugs to market.

Broaden research into compounds and drug mechanisms of action

How to save time, gain a deeper level of understanding and make informed decision-making to reduce preclinical efficacy failure.

Quickly understand disease mechanisms

Improve target assessment in biomedical research and avoid later stage failures in clinical trials by establishing strong target-disease linkage.

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