Serving users across the research community

Our products and tools are used by researchers and organizations in the public, non-profit, and private sectors to discover, access, and analyze research data from idea to impact.

Academic Institutions

As a research organization, success relies on bringing in funding and top researchers, and ensuring those researchers have access to the best tools. Dimensions can help you ensure your organization is well-positioned, nationally or internationally, to attract much-needed resources, and provide researchers with the tools, data, and resources they need to succeed. Dimensions is uniquely designed to support different groups within a research organization, from research administrators to students and research staff.

Corporate R&D

The robust data in Dimensions can be used in our web applications, or directly through our APIs to inform business intelligence and help your product teams make discoveries. By consistently linking funding, publications, datasets and patents, Dimensions not only provides a glimpse into the future with grants data, but the ability to understand how results have been used and implemented downstream.

Government & Funders

For years, leading funders have been using the extensive Dimensions grant database to understand global funding trends and drive decision-making. Now, with Dimensions covering the entire research lifespan from funding through outputs to impact, as a funder you have a powerful data set to draw on when developing evidence-based science policy. You can also use Dimensions to monitor the impact of those policies. Dimensions supports you with ready-to-go solutions, but is also available as a flexible data or tech stack that can be built into your organization’s system.


With its rich data landscape, Dimensions provides publishers with the insights they need to shape, track, and deliver on their core strategic goals. For example, with our extensive grants database, it’s easy to monitor the development of research fields; essential when deciding on the scope of new journals – or checking whether updates are required for existing titles. Identifying and evaluating potential editorial board members or reviewers is also fast and simple with our reviewer finder tool. And the interactive visualizations offered by Dimensions Badges are an ideal way to help readers understand your content’s citation impact.


As a researcher, you need discovery tools. Publications, citations, datasets and the context around those publications are all key pieces of information when it comes to understanding research activities and results. Dimensions provides you with free access to these essential data. And if your academic institution has signed up to Dimensions Analytics, you’ll have access to additional data and tools.

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